Winery Vision Should Dictate Packaging Decisions February 20, 2019

Returning from a recent trip to Oregon, Global Package LLC founder and president, Erica Harrop, was asked what factors wineries should explore before tackling the issue of packaging.

First and foremost, she advises, wineries should have a deeply personal vision for their wine and/or winery. Is there an interesting family, vineyard, or regional history that is intrinsic to the wine’s character? What factors make the wine unique to your consumer? Is there an unusual wine-making process that makes the flavors special? Are the vines unusual? How about the terroir or climate? Taking a deep dive into any one of these avenues can uncover a brand story that speaks to the consumer, authentically and compellingly.

Second, take time to understand the target consumer’s lifestyle, habits, and demographic. What are their ages? Where do they live? How do they communicate? What do they do with their free time? Try to find out as much as possible so you can connect your brand story to their interests and aspirations.

Third, once you have a clearly defined vision for your wine, and are able to succinctly articulate it, you can begin to bring it to life with your packaging. Do you think of your brand as contemporary or traditional? Is it youthful or does it appeal more to an older demographic? Does it skew masculine or feminine? These answers will inform the style of glass and decoration you choose.

While Global Package boasts a broad range of domestic and European bottles, the company also produces custom molds for brands wishing to distinguish themselves as unique.

“Of course, the price factor plays into the equation,” says Harrop. “However, I want to point out that many clients are surprised to find that customization can be affordable.”

 A recent experience with one of Global Package’s clients, Clarice Wine Company’s Adam Lee, proved this point. Lee shares this:

“ I initially thought the pricing and quantities required for a custom designed bottle would be prohibitive, but it turned out that the quantities required were quite reasonable and the pricing was really fair. It cost a bit more than a stock bottle, but given the bang for the buck, it was quite reasonable.”    

            In future WIN articles, Harrop plans to discuss in more technical detail the myriad of factors wineries need to consider when selecting packaging; such as classic versus custom bottles, colors/shapes, weights/heights, decoration, price/case breakpoints, foreign versus domestic sourcing, etc.

      Global Package provides stock and custom bottles for the premium and ultra-premium markets, creating new opportunities for wineries to strengthen existing and build new brands with adherence to the highest quality standards. The company stocks a wide selection of domestic bottles and specializes in European bottles, with the ability to source higher-end bottles at very good pricing.


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