Spring 2016 Newsletter May 27, 2016

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Spring 2016 Newsletter
May 2016

It's a WIN, WIN!

Global Package is now a member of the Wine Industry Network!

We’re excited to have recently joined the Wine Industry Network, an online news service that provides marketing tools (email, website & supplier profiles), represents over 400 suppliers in every major category, and reaches over 16,000 subscribers. We will be sending regular “What’s New” updates to the LINK email newsletter, so sign up for WIN's email here:





And Introducing ...

We proudly introduce the Bordelaise Fiona Carr�e bottle, one of the more distinctive bottles in our Elegant Light Line™.  


This series of bottles was created in 2009 and features European styling.  The Bord Fiona has the look of a heavier reserve bottle at a non-reserve price, and is characterized by its elegantly tapered body, voluptuous curves, deep punt, and larger neck for bottling-line ease and speed.


Global Package founder and CEO, Erica Harrop says: "It's a perfect example of the magic we provide customers...beautiful European styling at affordable price points. We strive to over-deliver on all aspects of the business, from custom molds and specialty bottles to a huge inventory of lighter-weight ecological and economical bottles. And we know how important quality service is when it's bottling time.  Our customers always appreciate the contribution we make to their successful bottling.


Fiona Caree Bottle



Call or email us for more information: 707-224-5670 or Visit our website at



We (Heart) Valentine!

We wanted to share some nice coverage that Global Package and our client, Ferndale, Michigan’s Valentine Distilling, received in Packaging last month.

Founded in 2008, Valentine is a relatively new player in craft distilling, but it has risen to the top of a crowded field of high-end vodkas. Its signature vodka was recently judged Winner of the 2016 World Vodka Awards in London. It was also awarded a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits competition, and was recognized by Anthony Dias Blue, editor-in-chief of The Tasting Panel magazine, with a 94-point ranking, higher than Grey Goose, Ketel One, Belvedere, and Absolut. It is one of the few distilleries in the world to use a blend of grains in its vodka. In addition to its signature vodkas, Valentine also produces Liberator Gin, Liberator Old Tom Gin, and Woodward Ltd. Bourbon Whiskey …all of which are award winners. 

Global Package supplies bottles for all of Valentine’s high quality spirits, and they come pre-labeled to expedite production on the filling line.  Reinforcing the brand’s high-end caliber, Global Package worked with Owner, Rifino Valentine, to create a custom mold for its gins and whiskey bottle, as well as for the elegant package for its handcrafted award-winning vodkas.

High Scores for Glass

Recent research proves the many benefits of glass packaging.

This month’s Wines & Vines featured packaging alternatives to glass, including PET and bag-in-box wine packaging, but concluded that, because wine packaging must bar oxygen, nothing is as effective as glass. Click here to read the article

In addition, the Glass Packaging Institute’s President, Lynn Bragg, supported this statement made by Shawn Welch, Owens-Illinois’ vice president of sales and marketing: “Consumers prefer smaller, more direct and authentic brands that they perceive as higher quality and that translates to simple, sometimes vintage designs that reflect craftsmanship. For packaging, this means more natural, elemental materials such as glass or wood.” According to Bragg, “The natural properties of glass make it a preferred packaging material and top choice for brands,” she says. “It’s superior for preserving and protecting product taste, while offering unmatched design possibilities. Glass bottles and jars also contain no petroleum-based liner that could interact with food or beverages, and glass has a strong and long record of sustainability.” Ms. Bragg also gives some good advice on “The Art of Choosing a Packaging Material” here.

Now's the time to give us a call …Global Package has a large inventory of gorgeous bottles in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and weights, and at great price points!



News and Notes

According to recent research from Packaging Digest, 85% of purchasing decisions are made by women ...

...and consumers spend approximately 5 seconds making a decision to buy, down from 20 seconds just 5 years ago - read the report here …May 3rd’s Shanken News Daily noted that large chain retailers are reshaping the landscape for wine and spirits distributors, who are losing ground to the Walmarts, Total Wine & More, Targets, and other big retailers. …Charles Day of the North Bay Business Journal suggests that, with the sagging Chinese and Canadian economies, wineries looking to build export markets would do well to look at the U.K. market, which is “showing a willingness to try more California wines at the higher end — above �20 (about $28)." But there are pitfalls, he cautions. Read more here …And a final "Wow!", according to the Napa Valley Register, tourists spent a record $1.27 billion in Napa County in 2015, an increase of 8.9 percent over the year before.



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