Small Production Wineries May 17, 2017

While conventional wisdom holds that customization is only for wineries producing 10,000 or more cases, Erica Harrop of Global Package LLC, recently opposed that perception: “Forget the belief that you can’t customize a bottle for a run of less than 10,000 cases. You can! Our specialty in wine and spirits glass allows us to source worldwide to find custom solutions for nearly any production quantity.”  

Global Package has customized 250 cases of unique spirits bottles, 700 cases of cartouche wine bottles, as well as customizing cartons, assisting with custom decoration, and managing entire custom projects from start to finish. Known as “The Glass Bottle Specialists,” the company has a team of experienced packaging and branding professionals who work with even the smallest wineries to reinforce wine brands with custom bottle shapes and decoration, including gloss or matte coatings, fine metals, enamel or organic silk-screening, and handmade details.

“We are as committed to our work as you are committed to your wine,” says Harrop. “Just give us a call and we’ll help make your brand a stand out!”

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