Introducing the Award-Winning…. March 27, 2011

 Decanter MBS Bottle


Global Package is proud to present this innovative new bottle style designed by the Basque restaurateur, Martin Berasategui, to prevent wine sediments from reaching the wine glass during decantation.  Produced by the Spanish company, Estal Packaging, the bottle was recently awarded a prestigious Packaging Oscar for its innovation and functionality. The design consists of a double base, with the lower base having two perpendicular ledges that create a narrowing that prevents non-filtered sediments and impurities from reaching the wine glass during decantation.  The design can also eliminate pre-bottling filtration processes, allowing for optimal wine sensory characteristics to be maintained.  For more information on pricing and availability for the  Decanter MBS Bottle, or to order a sample, please contact our office 707-224-5670.