International Shipping Chaos Drives Bottle Supply into Tailspin March 04, 2021

Napa, CA  March 2, 2021 – Recent news about market uncertainties and European shipping and port chaos is a real issue for glass suppliers, many of whom are scrambling for product. Not Global Package LLC. Having planned well in advance, Global Package has fully stocked warehouses and is well prepared to fill orders.

            “These shipping concerns have been simmering since November and now are impacting supplies around the world,” says Harrop. “But we have worked hard over the past pandemic year to bring classic and innovative European bottles and ecologically featured Chinese bottles into our warehouses to be prepared for this year’s bottling season.”

            According to European industry reports, blank sailings, delays in departures, shortages of equipment, and lack of room on vessels are exacerbating timely deliveries. Even the more stable markets like North and South America have been affected, sources report.

            “While glass from abroad may be more difficult to acquire going forward, we always plan ahead to procure enough product to meet upcoming seasonal needs,” Harrop assures. “Given our 35-year history and all the procurement channels we have established and are available to us, our warehouses are fully stocked with a broad range of bottles in every shape and color.”

            Included in the stock offerings are Estal’s beautiful 100% recycled Wild Glass, the revolutionary Sommelier Mouth, and the podium-designed DobleAlto ®

bottles, as well as the new line of bottles specifically designed for Vinolok’s 100% recyclable and sustainably produced glass closure.

            Harrop stresses:  “Our trained staff is standing ready to help you select the right bottle for your brand and budget. Call today!”



Global Package ( is located in Napa Valley; it has an experienced team for creating the best bottles sourced from worldwide factories. It also provides custom shippers, glass decoration, pewter labels, and closures for the wine, spirits, and food industries. When it comes to providing custom and specialty bottles and packaging, the firm leads the way in finding solutions to provide a comprehensive and attractive outcome that sets a brand apart. Contact: 2793 Napa Valley Corporate Drive, Napa, CA 94558, and 707-224-5670.