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Winter 2015 Newsletter
January 2015

See You There!

The Global Package booth at this year's Unified Show on January 28-29 will feature some of our best-selling bottles, in a full range of weights, shapes, and price points.


We're also excited to be partnered with Estal Packaging in announcing its latest innovation—the DobleAlto—boasting a beautiful double layered punt for wines, sparkling wines, and spirits bottles for increased stability and a unique decorative aesthetic. Check it out here:

And don't forget these other opportunities to check us out:

  • February 24-25, 2015: Oregon Wine Symposium/Booth 533, at the Oregon Convention Center, Portland OR. Visit event website
  • March 17-18, 2015: WiVi Central Coast Wine Industry Conference & Tradeshow/Booth 304, at the Paso Robles Event Center, Paso Robles, CA


Say Hello!

We are very happy to welcome Deborah Schnepf as our new Central Coast sales executive.


Deborah Schnepf

Deborah comes with impressive credentials in sales and brand building, having been for over 10 years with the CDM Company, a leading concept-to-delivery marketing agency, most recently as Merchandising Director and prior as Business Development Director. Her accomplishments include being consistently ranked among the top direct sales contributors and recognized as "Manager of the Year" and "Superstar of the Year" for her work at Applause LLC, a gift and specialty company. Her background as a strategic thinker and brand builder, and her strength in building and retaining client relationships, will bring tremendous benefits to Global Package customers.

Give her a call at 805-637-9195 and introduce yourself. She'll also be at our booth for the WiVi Show, March 17-18, so stop by.

Rum Run

Charboneau Rum is a recent addition to our fast-growing customer roster, and it is the first legally distilled rum producer in Mississippi.


The burgeoning craft distillery market in the U.S. just got a new entry with Charboneau Rum, located in Natchez, MS, in the city's oldest standing structure, King's Tavern, dating back to 1789. The idea of creating their own micro distillery began to take shape after 1990 when Doug and Regina Charboneau visited the islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe in the Caribbean and fell in love with island aged rum. Fourteen years ago, they moved back to Natchez, Regina's hometown, where sugar cane is readily available. Regina, who also happens to be a chef, cookbook author, and American Queen culinary director, turned part of King's Tavern into a kitchen/restaurant, with a small liquor store upstairs, where Charboneau Rum, among other spirits are sold. The distillery is close by and boasts a centuries-old stainless steel and copper still, adding another tourist attraction to Natchez, as well as to the Charboneau enterprise.

Charboneau Rum

"It was a wonderful project," says Global Package's Erica Harrop. "Not only was it an opportunity to show off the many options in spirits bottles we have available, it was a perfect demonstration of how we work with customers to realize their vision for a brand. Doug Charboneau concurs: "Everyone always compliments us on the package."

Social Stats

If you want to attract a younger demographic, instituting a social media program is not only a good idea, it's a necessity.


While there's been plenty of debate among winery owners and marketers about the value of social media in marketing efforts, the fact remains it plays a big role in engaging and influencing younger wine drinkers between the ages of 25 and 40. A recent wine trends survey conducted on behalf of Gallo by Libran Research & Consulting found that 54% of younger drinkers participate in conversations about wine on social media, 49% post and share photos of wine, and 49% also respect the opinions of wine bloggers. This same survey also found that these consumers like sweet (such as Moscato) and sparkling wines and are more likely to mix fruit and fruit juice with their wine, as well as add cocktail mixers with their wine.

To prove the point, even Gallo's vice president of marketing, Stephanie Gallo, confessed in a recent AdWeek article that her "go-to drink these days is sparkling wine whenever it's available."


Looks Aren't Everything

This interesting piece in Packaging Digest reiterates the fact that package designers have just five seconds to get consumers to pay attention to their product on the shelf.


Just a few years ago, consumers took an average of 20 seconds to make a decision about a product on a retailer's's now down to five seconds. That's not very long to get your product noticed among its competitors. But, more importantly, that short time span has to get your brand's message across at the same time. Beautiful packaging is just one part of a designer's job, the other part is to get a products main points of differentiation across in a crowded category like wine. According to the article's author, Ted Mininni, the criteria for effective packaging can be reduced to three questions: Can you tell what the product is at a glance? Can you identify the brand? Next, can you distinguish what makes this branded product more desirable than its neighbors on the shelf? He goes on to give good examples (unfortunately, none in the wine category) of successful packaging. It's an interesting take on brand before beauty.


News and Notes

Here are a few tantalizing news tidbits from the wine and spirits sectors.


As reported in the New York Times, a new study found that BPA that's present in cans and plastic bottles, but not in glass containers, can seep into beverages and raise blood pressure within a few hours.

The January 15th edition of Shanken News Daily reported that 2014 was a banner year for live wine auctions in the US, increasing 32% to reach $156.6 million ...According to Shanken News Daily, Treasury Wine Estates is seizing on the trend toward luxury red blends by introducing a new ultra-premium red blend under its Stags' Leap Winery brand ...The Coravin 1000 Wine Access System got a promotional bump with this Business Week article, which described it as "equal parts sleek and menacing, like a medical device designed by Darth Vader for Prada. Machined out of stainless steel, plastic, rubber, and matte-black zinc, the instrument has a satisfying heft, with powerful clamps that grip the neck of a bottle."

Finally, to warm us up this winter, here's a recipe for a chamomile and bourbon hot toddy:
I've tried it and it's deelish!


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