Global Package Will Unveil New Sommelier Bottles at Unified January 23, 2019

Global Package LLC’s founder and CEO, Erica Harrop, announced that the company will introduce the new Burgundy and Bordeaux Sommelier bottles in Booth 504 at the upcoming Unified Wine & Grape Symposium to be held January 30th and 31st. These bottles are the latest additions to Estal’s unique Sommelier Mouth line that features an innovative Track-Ring design. Estal Glass was recently awarded the Oscar Del Emballage for its Hot Rod bottle, which also uses the track-ring system.

“We’re proud to be at the forefront of this remarkable innovation …a dream come true for sommeiiers and marketers,” says Harrop. “The continuous straight neck and mouth results in a cleaner silhouette, and the designs can also feature a slightly wider neck, which enhances the handsome profile and is characteristic of premium and luxury bottles of wine.”

The new mouth design features an anti-drip barrier, and a ‘sommelier’ groove, which facilities a clean, straight cut of the capsule. Additionally, the bottles don’t require any changes in bottling production. Since they’ve been designed to match standard bottle heights and weights, wineries can use their same equipment, capsules, and corks.

Adding to Global Package’s full line of standard and highly custom bottles, the Sommelier bottles are in stock now at Global Package’s Napa showroom, which is open daily and located at 2793 Napa Valley Corporate Drive, Napa, CA 94558 ( Call 707-224-5670 for an appointment.