Global Package to Showcase New Flint Bottle Samples in Wild Glass and Sommelier Mouth Lines at WIN Expo November 25, 2019

At the upcoming WIN Expo Global Package LLC will be displaying all new Flint glass samples in both its Wild Glass and Sommelier Mouth (SM) lines, as well as fancy bottles with unique punts, in Booth #230 at the upcoming WIN Expo. The Conference and Tradeshow will be held from 9am to 4pm on Thursday, December 5th at Santa Rosa County Fairgrounds. A preview of the new Global Package logo—from long-time partner designer, Jody Tucker and Senspoint—will also be rolled out at the show.

            “We’re excited to have samples on display of all our new bottles, including the new Flint glass options,” says Erica Harrop, Global Package President and CEO. “You’ll be able to see and hold the beautiful Wild Glass bottles, as well as the new Essentia Burgundy and Bordeaux bottles, both of which are available in Flint and both are from Estal.” Estal Packaging is a Spanish manufacturer and decoration specialist of premium wine bottles. Wild Glass and SM bottles don’t require changes to bottling lines.

Estal’s Wild Glass bottles utilize an ecologically sustainable production process that uses only post-consumer recycled glass, which reduces CO2 output and energy consumption, while retaining the slight imperfections in the natural formation of the glass, creating a singular handmade look. The Sommelier Mouth (SM) bottles feature an anti-drip groove that guides to facilitate a clean, straight cut of the capsule. The line includes the new Essentia Burgundy, Bordeaux, and fluted Espiga bottles, available in Flint and Antique.

“We’re also thrilled to be unveiling our new logo at the show,” Harrop says.  “It’s been a fun process and we’re very happy with the results. Would love to hear your opinions, too. So, plan on stopping by our Booth #230. You’ll love all the gorgeous new bottles that’ll be on display.” Global Package’s expert staff will also be on hand to answer questions and help with bottle selection, as well as decoration options. In addition to the new Wild Glass and Sommelier Mouth bottles in Flint, Global Package offers a wide range of bottles—both stock and custom—in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors.

            Global Package  ( is located at 2793 Napa Valley Corporate Drive, Napa, CA 94558 and can be reached at 707-224-5670.