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Global Package Summer 2015 Newsletter
June 2015

Our Growing Team

As business has expanded into new regions of the US, as well as into new product markets in custom spirits, over the past several years, our staff has also increased to make sure the needs of our growing customer base are being met.


We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce our dedicated staff.


Erica Harrop, President
Having founded Global Package in 2006, the company's leader has developed a following of wonderful customers. She never sees that changing ... her connection to the people in the wine and spirits industry is the joy in her life.

Erica Harrop, President

Hunter Harris, Sales Manager
Experience in sales and wine education and a wealth of knowledge in many aspects of the wine industry, makes Hunter a person who is just darn helpful and good to talk to. We think you'll agree.  

Hunter Harris, Sales Manager

Deborah Schnepf, Sales Central Coast
Deborah's ability to tap into the local wine industry and put her energy into growing the Central Coast market is exciting. We look forward to the many opportunities she will bring as newer and improved bottles become available.

Deborah Schnepf, Sales Central Coast

Anne-Marie Ammann, Sales Service
Long-term experience and industry knowledge make Anne-Marie a dynamic addition to the sales team, streamlining our service and assistance to customers. Her presence on the team ensures the quality of our work remains at top level.

Anne-Marie Ammann, Sales Service

Kathy Feder, Office Manager and Logistics 
As Harrop's right-hand person, Kathy is integral to the company's success, ensuring that orders are well managed and customers have a point of contact for deliveries. She also handles with unsurpassed expertise the management of inventories and smooth flow of business.

Kathy Feder, Office Manager and Logistics



Mary Olesen, Bookkeeper
Our relationship with the Reich Group allows us to tap into a great resource for accounting needs, enabling faster and more efficient order processing. Mary works with many wineries in the Reich Group, and her friendly demeanor fits well with our small Global Package community.

Mary Olesen, Bookkeeper




State of Today’s Glass Industry

Despite the fact that we’re in Year 4 of the drought, the West Coast wine industry continues record yields, registering three consecutive years of excess supply.


Unfortunately, glass production has not kept pace, leading to a scramble to find bottles to meet demand. Global Package has long-established strong relationships—and is continuing to build new ones—with both domestic and overseas glass manufacturers, which makes us a reliable resource. However, even as these new suppliers come online, many factors are impacting today’s industry, including port shutdowns and consequent backlogs, bulk imports, a strong dollar, and new Canadian tariffs, etc.), making it difficult to accommodate last minute bottle orders. Now, more than ever, wineries need to plan ahead and order early. A possible silver lining in bottle supply is the recent purchase by Owens-Illinois (O-I) of Vitro’s food and beverage business in Mexico. Vitro is the largest supplier of glass containers in Mexico and O-I is the world’s foremost glass container producer, so the marriage may mean an increased commitment to the US and the supply of glass bottles. However, it could also signal O-I’s intention to diversify its product base or direct supplies to other markets, which would reduce local stocks here.


Label Trends

In the battle to get on-the-shelf attention (and to appeal to a younger generation of wine drinkers) some designers are shunning tradition.


While playful, colorful, and busy labels have traditionally been the domain of lower priced wines, Bare Bottle, a label-centric wine company that was recently launched by Dr. Corey Miller, a San Francisco-based M.D.-Ph.D. turned wine entrepreneur, is pairing top West Coast winemakers with award-winning designers to put a new spin on labels. To appeal to the Twitter and Instagram set, the company’s attention is focused on the label, not the wine, and some of its new designs are turning tradition on its head. Higher-priced wines have traditionally favored conservative white or cream-colored labels, whereas Bare Bottle labels go for amusing and “look at me” designs. A new release out next month paired winemaker Helen Keplinger and lettering artist Erik Marinovich and features a “Warhol-esque … pop explosion of blue and gold foil letter, on a neon pink background.” Marinovich wanted the label to be “annoying loud.” The wine comes in a 2-pack for $99 and will be marketed primarily through designers’ and winemakers’ social-media accounts.


Hats Off to Estal!

As the West Coast distributor for Estal, Global Package not only has access to Estal’s substantial inventory of beautiful bottles, we routinely work with them on behalf of customers to create stand-alone, custom packages that differentiate.



It was wonderful to learn that Estal had recently been awarded top prizes in packaging from leading world competitions. The company's elegant Terrania package has garnered five international awards, including two Gold Medals from the Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition, a Bronze Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a Silver Medal at the International Spirits Challenge in London, and a Best Product Innovation award at the Cactus 2015 competition. Estal's Excelsior bottle was chosen for the Spanish distillery, Santamania's, London Dry Gin package, which won a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Finally, last April Estal's Unico Vermouth Zarro was recognized for its efforts and innovative ideas at the 2015 Presentation Award Hall of Gourmets. The Zarro used Estal's Trammo Alto bottle from its Doble Alto Collection, which we featured in an earlier newsletter. We’re honored to partner with this innovative, award-winning company!



Millennials Opting For Wine Over Beer

According to a May 2015 article in the WSJ, a recent study by Budweiser found that Millennials are increasingly moving away from beer in favor of wine and spirits.


Yes, behemoths like Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors, and Heineken are increasingly nervous, and are trying out new recipes to buck the trend. In fact, Budweiser has come up with such concoctions as Bud Light Mixxtails (beer versions of classic cocktails like the Hurricane and Long Island Iced Tea) and Ritas (flavored beers that mimic margaritas). However, some analysts think these drinks will make it easier for drinkers to graduate to actual cocktails, rather than going back to classic beers.


News and Notes

Here are a few highlights in wine and spirits news.


The US has eclipsed France as the world’s largest wine consumer, but Europe is still the leader in consumption and production. Several reports and analysts regard the US as “the most attractive major market” for wine, thanks in part to the recent strengthening of the US dollar and the slowdown of other major growth areas such as China.”

California winemakers fear that sales to Canada will be threatened if Canada’s proposed tariff, which could double the price of a bottle of wine, are enacted.

A bipartisan bill in the House would reduce the tax rate for distillers of all sizes:

Check out these Double Gold winners in the recent San Francisco World Spirits Competition at the Hotel Nikko. There’s some nice packaging.


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