Global Package Salutes Its Super Suppliers: Part 1 January 25, 2017

Because arriving at creative solutions to packaging challenges is a top priority at Global Package, we work with some of the most innovative packaging companies in the world. This month, we’d like to thank one of our long-standing partners: Estal. As we are the primary partner in the US for this cutting-edge Spanish company, we are able to offer clients a wide range of premium glass bottles, closures, and decoration options for wine and spirits companies wishing to enrich their brand’s appearance.

At Unified we will be showing off the Doble Alto ™ bottle line along with high end decoration solutions. Doble Alto group

Here are just a few of the ways in which we can embellish your packaging:


  • Pantone color coating, including opaque or translucent finishes.
  • Partial Pantone color coating, with sharp limits or gradual effect. 
  • Metallization with Pantone color coating with an opaque, mirror effect finish translucent finish. This technique provides a premium metallic appearance with high brightness.
  • Glass surface treatment for a frosted appearance, with standard or Pantone color finish with gradual effect or transparent window.
  • Transparent window effect on coated glass, giving visibility to content.  


  • Screen printing on glass (ink printed logo or text with a wide range of colors and brightness).
  • Screen printing on coated glass (ink printed logo or text with a wide range of colors and brightness on coated surfaces).
  • Metallic screen-printed logo or text with high brightness.
  • Hot stamping thermal transfer technique for text or logo with high brightness level on glass or coated glass, in a wide range of colors and finishes.
  • Hand-applied decals, a decorative element for irregular bottle shapes that provides a high definition graphic result.  

 Innovative Printing Techniques:

  • Laser etching: engraved logo, text or effect directly on glass or coated glass. This technique can create relief.
  • Direct inkjet: high definition (photo quality) direct printed image directly on glass or coated glass. 360º continuous printing process on squared shapes.

Our Estal relationship also allows us to offer a wide range of closures, including Bartop Stoppers for bottles with a cork opening and Thread Finish Closures, including GPI, PILFER and STELVIN styles, which can be customized with color, material, markings, etc.

 Come see Estal’s portfolio and their leading-edge bottle design that guarantees a double take by customers:


Reminder: Global Package will be exhibiting this week at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium on January 25 & 26, in Booth #207. To register use Promo Code GP2017E4005.

On display will be our distinctive collection of Elegant Light™ line of European bottle styles, Estal’s unique Doble Alto bottles, our new 1.5L and 750ml Flint glass bottles in both Bordeaux and Burgundy styles, as well as a wide variety of adhesive pewter labels. Our have team of experts will be on hand to answer questions.

Contact 707-224-5670 or for more information.