Global Package Introduces Rosé Bottles and Two New Magnums November 07, 2016

If you’ve been paying attention to wine trends, Rosés have taken a leading role in America’s wine production and consumption. Today, the US is the world’s 3rd largest producer of Rosés, after France and Italy. And Americans drink 13% of the world’s Rosés, second only to France. In fact, Rosés have become so popular that producers are challenging traditional bottles with beautiful and unique custom shapes to boost their wine’s shelf appeal.

1.5 Flint TraditionGlobal Package is proud to introduce elegant, custom bottles for Rosé producers. The company has many sophisticated and fun specialty shapes, all at reasonable prices. You can choose from curvy or sleek, with or without embossing, and screw cap and cork finish. Also new this year is the Extra Flint glass Magnums in both 1.5L TraditionBordeaux and Burgundy styles.

Flint glass comes in various shades of transparency, from Extra White Flint to Industrial Flint. The Extra White Flint is also used for spirits, which showcases its brilliance, clarity and highly refractive quality, making it a stand-out choice for Rosés. According to Master of Wine, Elizabeth Gabay, there are 353 shades of Rosés:, and each one has its own characteristic taste and color. A bottle choice can enhance or diminish this distinctiveness.

“We offer glass from around the world to give you the best selection in the US market,” says Erica Harrop, Global Package’s founder and CEO. “Standard bottles for Rosés are no longer sufficient in the increasingly crowded Rosé market. If you are a Rosé producer, now is the time to order.”

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                                                                      Rose w/swing top