Global Package Introduces New Estal DobleAlto® Glass Innovations July 23, 2018

Erica Harrop, CEO and founder of Global Package LLC, announces the arrival of the distinctive Estal DobleAlto® bottle. The Doble Alto® is a unique and patented glass technique that consists of a double base that adds elegance by increasing the height of the packaging and brand presence without increasing the amount of glass used in manufacturing. Acting as a podium, the double base enhances the brand’s image and value as desirable and exclusive.

  “Since being introduced a couple of years ago, these Estal bottles have had great success in the market,” says Harrop. “Not only is the aesthetic of the design unique, Estal and Global Package now offer clients a range of new customization options that highlight the effect of the double base.”

  Customization options include: screen printing, coating, rosette (Opera Roseta fluting), embossing, a magnifying glass effect, and other decorative techniques. (Refer to the attached Estal pdf). Developed for premium products in many diverse sectors, the DobleAlto® bottle is ideally suited to high-end wine and spirits brands.

            “The visual impact of the double base—raising the contents of the bottle on a clear glass ‘podium’—makes the package stand out in retail, on premise, and in restaurant/bar environments,” adds Harrop. “The Kaava Sparkling Gin ( ) is a great example of the Opera Roseta customization.”

      Global Package is now offering these distinctive Estal bottles, along with all decorative options. For more information, contact or 707-224-5670. Global Package ( is located at 2793 Napa Valley Corporate Drive, Napa, CA 94558.