Global Package Introduces 100% Sustainable “Wild Glass” October 02, 2019

Napa, CA  October 1, 2019 — Erica Harrop, President and CEO of Global Package LLC (, just announced the availability of Estal’s Wild Glass, 100% sustainable “real cycled” glass bottles produced for the wine and spirits industries. The production process is both efficient and ecologically sustainable, utilizing only post-consumer recycled glass collected from municipalities and resulting in a reduction of CO2 due to lower fuel consumption—it takes less energy to melt glass than to convert raw material into glass—and less extraction of virgin material.

            “These bottles are beautiful!” says Harrop. “They are truly one-of-a-kind, since they’re like organic handmade art, allowing the slight imperfections in the natural formation of the glass to remain, while retaining all the manufacturing positives of automated glass.” According to Estal, the Wild Glass process doesn’t discard bottles with cosmetic defects, which reduced the discard rate from 25% to 15% in its first test campaign.

            “Consumers around the world are paying much closer attention to the cause and effect of products on the environment,” Harrop stresses, “so this campaign is perfectly timed to address these concerns. Colors include “Flint Wild Glass,” which is now available, and “Dark Wild Glass,” which will be coming in 2020.

            Wild Glass samples will be on display at Global Package’s Booth #A238 at the upcoming Unified Wine & Grape Symposium on February 4-6, 2020 in Sacramento, CA.