Global Package Helped This Young Entrepreneur Shine October 04, 2017

As a business owner I am always thrilled to help other entrepreneurs who dream big.  So when I met a dynamic young soldier, Levi Lawrence III, who founded his company, Shyn3, back in 2013, I was intrigued. Shyn3 began with a clothing and accessories line and is now releasing a new accessories line of unisex bracelets. For this project, he showed me the black oval metallic canister he’d selected to hold the bracelets, and said he had been attracted to the pewter labels he found on the Global Package website. After showing him the wide array of pewter label shade options we have available, he chose the 24-karat shade in a size that was appropriate for the size of the canister. Not only was the final package gorgeous, it was also cost-effective and in line with his budget.

I learned later that the clothing and accessories section of the company is just one piece of his company’s mission. This year, Levi rolled out an offshoot of the company whose mission is to “boost depression awareness, increase self confidence, and encourage love of one’s imperfections.” Levi explained that his life’s goal is to help others succeed and that the clothing/accessories line is his way of connecting customers to his larger goal of developing a summer program for ambitious youth who demonstrate potential for greatness, but lack guidance.

The summer program was created to “physically and mentally guide the youth towards their desired career goals, using a mix of basic military training and a private school style learning to give the focus and direction younger, less privileged students often need to fulfill their goals. The program also includes a mentoring component, which draws from a list of experienced professions from various occupations.”

You can learn more about this young man’s dream here:

Levi’s ambition, creativity, and his social entrepreneurial spirit is so awe-inspiring, I wanted to share his story and encourage others to dream big. There are always people (and companies like Global Package) who are ready to help make those dreams a reality. Levi is just one of many diverse clients we serve. From sparkling and still wineries to spirits distillers and other producers of unique creations like Levi’s, we’ll help make your dream come true.

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