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Fall 2015 Newsletter
November 2015

See You at the Show(s).

Global Package will be exhibiting at these upcoming shows:


  • December 3, 2015: WINEXPO, 4th Annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo in Santa Rosa, CA, 9:00AM to 4:30PM. Global Package Booth #230.
  • January 27 & 28, 2016. Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, Sacramento, CA. Global Package Booth #404. 
  • February 23 & 24, 2016. Oregon Wine Symposium, Portland, OR. Global Package Booth #416


Medallions Win!

What do the two winners at last August’s Wines & Vines Packaging Expo have in common? Both packages feature an eye-catching, custom medallion …an embellishment you can find at Global Package!


Global Package customers have achieved the same classy medallion effect with our pewter or tin labels. Produced by our partner manufacturer of 10 years, Etiq’etains, these custom self-adhesive labels are supple and are easily applied as either single pieces or supplied on a reel, both with self-adhesive backing. You can choose from 2-dimensional designs in relief or hollow; 3-dimensional sculptural patterns, total metalizing designs, or metalizing motifs in relief. Regardless of what you choose, the effect will elevate your product to the top tier of the shelf! 

Check out some of these examples on our website.

While you’re at it, why not consider a custom bottle, such as those we make for some of our more discriminating and differentiated customers, like Sattui or Amorosa?


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Packaging Opportunities.

If you were unable to attend the W&V Packaging Expo, you missed (at least) one interesting session. Consumer research firm Nielsen presented findings of a wine label study that “unpacked” tips for successful packaging.


Steve Lamoureux, Nielsen’s senior vp of product innovation, revealed that 50% to 80% of buying decisions are made at the (very crowded) retail shelf, and that wine packaging needs to be highly strategic in order to reinforce brand perception. In his study he polled 2700 consumers between ages 21 and 64 (900 in each age tier), and audited Cabernet Sauvignon and prominent blends wine bottle designs in three price tiers: less than $10, $10-$20 and more than $20 per bottle, choosing 11 to 12 leading brands per tier. Here’s his summary: Illustrations get attention, but not always favorable attention; bright designs get noticed; black designs convey more distinct personality; the high-end category is the least differentiated; and many tested package designs are undifferentiated. Each category also had unclaimed personalities, such as sexy, distinctive, innovative or bold wines priced less than $10; casual, fun and approachable in the middle tier; and casual and fun wines priced around $20. The moral to this story? High-end wines must differentiate themselves from the riff-raff. How do you do it? Call us …we’ve got the answers!

You can find the W&V article here.


Packaging Trends.

Much interesting research is being conducted to boost the power of the package. Here are a few instructive examples that are relevant to wine and spirits packaging.


According to a Beverage Daily report, bottles can help consumers enjoy a drink more when they are crafted to give off a relevant emotional signature.

And then there was this fascinating article in the November 2nd issue of The New Yorker entitled “Accounting for Taste” that upped the ante in the power of packaging. Charles Spence, a professor of experimental psychology at Oxford University, researched how modes of perception influence one another; e.g., how visual cues influence taste, and found, for example, that a strawberry-flavored mousse tastes ten percent sweeter when served from a white container rather than a black one; that coffee tastes nearly twice as intense but only two-thirds as sweet when it is drunk from a white mug rather than a clear glass one; and that bittersweet toffee tastes ten percent more bitter if eaten while listening to low-pitched music. Then there was the study that tweaked the fizz that happens when you open a can of beer to the best (and heightened enjoyment) effect. It doesn't take a great leap of imagination to see how such cognitive insights could be incorporated into commercial packaging design, which is exactly what’s happening. 

Finally, from Packaging World, here are five trends that are shaping food and beverage packaging: Targeting Millennials (they like fresh, less processed fare); Smaller packaging is trending (single-serve and resealable packaging); Convenience is a factor (easy opening, portability, lighter weight, resealability, and no-mess dispensing); Transparent packaging boosts sales (glass remains a favorite); and Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging is here to stay.

And there’s this from a report in the October 13th issue of Beverage Daily: Global Packaging Trends from the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies: A growing awareness of health and wellness, recycling and environmental issues, as well as an increasing disposable income and purchasing power are all causing a shift in how food and drinks are packaged. The number one concern? The amount of packaging being used and whether or not it is recyclable. To increase sales highlight health or environmental claims outside the ingredients list; market to emerging economies by aligning with demographic growth in the middle class, an increase in disposable income, and retail chain growth.


Online Sales.

Though the US is the largest wine market in terms of volume and value, only 4% of sales are online. But that’s about to change.


While the US lags behind the UK and China in online wine sales, this route to the consumer is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, according to a study by Bordeaux’s Kedge Business School, which was presented at Vinexpo, France. “From a small base of just 5%, the global proportion of wine sales carried out online is expected to rise considerably in the coming years, led by Britain and China,” according to Gregory Bressolles, who led the research. “The online market will no longer be driven by wine-cellars. It will no longer depend on them… It now depends on buyers.” Globally, online wine sales are around 600% higher than in 2006, contributing $6 billion to the industry. And that’s only going to grow. 


News and Notes.

From China to Silicon Valley, here are few highlights in recent wine and spirits news.


…According James de Roany, former president of the CNCCEF Wines & Spirits commission, counterfeit wine in China is enormous: “For every real bottle of French wine in China, there is at least one counterfeit bottle of French wine, and the situation is only getting worse.”  Here’s the report.

...On the flip side of this story, the Sunday 11/8/15 NY Times ran “Growing a Napa Valley in China,” a movement spearheaded by Emma Gao of Silver Heights Winery on the edge of the Gobi Desert. The winery has already won some prestigious awards. Maybe bringing its own sophisticated wines to market is the best answer to the counterfeiting?

… Total Wine & More will be expanding its presence into the Bay Area, signing retail leases in both Fremont and Mountain View, with corresponding locations expected to open next year. It’s also “on the move” into other US regions. 

…According to Shanken Daily News (10/19/15), Australian wine shipments to the US are creeping back up after 12 months of negative growth. But the real success story is its double-digit growth in China and Hong Kong.

The Silicon Valley Business Journal reports that wine sales in the US continued to grow, at 3 percent, and California wines accounted for two-thirds of that business. 

Early harvest bodes well for Sonoma vintners


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