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Fall 2014 Newsletter
December 2014

Meet Us At the Show

We invite you to visit us at one or more of the upcoming tradeshows, where we’ll be displaying many of our most popular and unique bottles. Sales staff will also be on hand to answer questions and help with orders.

December 4, 2014: North Coast Wine Industry EXPO/Booth 230, at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds; Grace Pavilion. North Coast Wine Industry EXPO

January 28 - 29, 2015: Unified Wine & Grape Symposium/Booth 301, at the Sacramento Convention Center,
Sacramento, California
visit event website

February 24-25, 2015: Oregon Wine Symposium/Booth 533, at the Oregon Convention Center, Portland OR. Visit event website

March 17-18, 2015: WiVi Central Coast Wine Industry Conference & Tradeshow/Booth 304, at the Paso Robles Event Center, Paso Robles, CA


Inspired Wine, Inspired Design

When it comes to personalization, Global Package works with clients and glassmakers to get the right outcome. The next two case studies illustrate how we deliver custom-designed bottles of the highest quality that meet budget and quality expectations.

When V. Sattui Winery’s President, Tom Davies, and Winemaker, Peter Velleno, were invited as lecturers on a Mediterranean cruise a few years ago, they took a side trip to France and fell in love with the historic Rhone region and the storied Chateauneuf-du-Pape wines. When they returned to St Helena, they wanted to duplicate the look and feel of classical European wine packaging for their line of wines. A new bottling line with extra features had just been installed, which gave them orientation options that allowed for the embossed crest of the Sattui family crest. “It all came together,” says Davies, “the inspiration, the technology, and the talent. We are very happy with the result.” Sattui’s designer Susan LeBlanc and Global Package worked closely together to arrive at a handsome custom package—label, capsule, and crest—that reinforces the Sattui brand (see inset photo).


Custom Casks

Rifino Valentine, founder of Michigan’s Valentine Distilling, is unapologetic when it comes to taking his time to get it right. That means not only using the best ingredients, it also means selecting the best packaging.

After graduating from Cornell University and working on Wall Street, Rifino took a step back, looked at where he was headed, and decided to start all over. He left New York, took an artisan distillation course and, in 2007, opened the first distillery in the Detroit area since Prohibition. His award-winning spirits are examples of his dedication to craft and quality. In addition to his two vodkas, his award-winning cask gins and whiskey include Liberator Gin “Best American Gin,” Liberator Old Tom Gin “World’s Best Cask Gin,” and Woodward Ltd. Bourbon Whiskey. “I wanted a package that was both contemporary and timeless,” says Rifino. “Prohibition had a profound influence in the Detroit area, so I was looking for a unique bottle that conveyed that bootlegging time in the city’s history, as well as the bootstrapping ethos evident in the City today.” Working closely with Global Package’s Erica Harrop, they designed a custom cask bottle that would work well with both gins and the whiskey. With burgeoning sales in the States and an increasing international presence, it appears Rifino’s patience and attention to detail is paying off (see inset photo).


Upscale Strategy Pays Off

Nobody could have predicted the decisive outcome to the Hahn Family Wines’ decision to increase production of its premium-and-above portfolio. But the results are in and they’re all positive.

According to a piece in Shanken News Daily, Hahn Family Wines’ chairman, Philip Hahn, reported that the company’s fastest growing segment is its high-end line of wines. Its GSM blend is a best-selling by-the-glass brand, which has almost doubled in growth since it was introduced in 2010. “We created it specifically for restaurants and higher-end bars and gastropubs,” says Hahn. “It’s been a big hit by-the-glass in the on-premise arena, priced around $10-$12.” Hahn’s luxury portfolio—its SLH Pinot Noir ($35) and Chardonnay ($25), Smith & Hook ($25) and its single-vineyard brand Lucienne ($50) also exceeded expectations. According to Hahn, these brands grew their share of the company’s production to 30% last fiscal year from 16% a year earlier.

So, who’s buying these high-end wines? Wine Market Council president, John Gillespie, says: “We know that the high-end wine buyers are much more sophisticated, and have tried and tasted many more wines than others.” Recent Wine Council research supports the fact that $20 is the demarcation line for high-end buyers. According to Gillespie, the folks who are buying wines over $20 are the same people buying wines over $30, over $50, over $100. “It is my feeling and observation,” he says, “that [these buyers] are a great leading indicator of where tastes and trends are going.”

Bourbon Bandwagon

The number of Kentucky bourbon distilleries has tripled in just over two years, and now Goliath Diageo will be entering the market with its own Kentucky Bourbon in 2016.

A recent article in The Bourbon Review featured Diageo bigwigs at a ground-breaking ceremony in rural Kentucky, where the liquor giant’s new distillery, the Bulleit Distilling Company, and warehouse will be located. According to the author Justin Thompson, “Bourbon is currently the fastest growing spirits category in the U.S., enjoying 14% value growth for the latest 52 weeks. This popularity is mirrored globally, with the super-premium price segment growing 24% over the last three years.”

Due to small-batch exclusivity of aged bourbon, the higher the price the better the sales, according to another piece in Bloomberg Business Week: “The value of sales is also growing as bourbon makers have increased prices, especially at the high end …That combination of sizzling growth at the same time that prices are rising creates …this nice perfect storm for the American whiskey category, says Larry Kass, a spokesman for Heaven Hill Distilleries in Bardstown, Ky., which produces some of the region’s best known upper-end bourbons.

News & Notes

Westover Winery in California’s Castro Valley had to close its 30 year-old winery after being fined $115,000 for using volunteer workers ...

...which the California Department of Industrial Relations says is illegal under state and federal law. Evidently, they should have been paid at least minimum wage, given wage statements, withheld taxes and paid for workers’ compensation insurance. Crazy but true. The fine was so steep that owner Bill Smyth says he will have to close his 30-year winery.  …According to Euromonitor, whiskey is projected to overtake vodka as the spirit-of-choice in the UK, which reinforces a long-term trend toward consumers wanting more local, authentic and “natural products, as well as a boost in production of premium bourbon. …And back here in the US: Dan Garrison, of Garrison Brothers Distillery, will launch his “not for the faint of heart” uncut, unfiltered, straight from the barrel, limited release “Cowboy Bourbon” at $159.99 to $169.99 (retail) a bottle. …Finally, our sincerest thanks to all our Napa friends, foundations, federal and state funds, and industry families for their help in rebuilding our town, wineries, and businesses after the earthquake last August. We truly are a world-class community!

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