Global Package Expands Its Innovative Bottle Solutions January 06, 2021

Global Package Expands Its Innovative Bottle Solutions

January 06, 2021


DA Opera bottle with VinolokNapa, CA  January 6, 2021 – Erica Harrop, Founder and CEO of Global Package LLC, recently announced the company will start stocking a new line of bottles specifically designed for Vinolok’s 100% recyclable and sustainably produced glass closure.

 “Not only is the Vinolok glass closure beautiful, it is a unique and environmentally friendly way to seal a bottle,”SM BD Essentia says Harrop. “We are known for our innovations in specialty bottle shapes, and this Vinolok closure perfectly complements our white and rosé wine bottles, including our distinctive Sommelier bottles.” (see attached photo)

The team at Global Package has been trained and is fully up-to-speed on the Vinolok closure’s production, technical requirements, and design options, and is now offering a range of Vinolok-compatible bottles that will elevate brands.

“It’s exciting to now have stock bottles that are not only designed to fit with the Vinolok fancy glass closure—appearing fully integrated with the bottle, not just as an addition—but also created to enhance a wine’s on-shelf presence to that of high-quality and exclusivity,” Harrop adds. The Vinolok closure is moderately priced and suitable for European bottles and high-end white, rosé, and red wines.

 The Vinolok bottle line is just the most recent addition offered by Global Package. The company works with international leaders in specialty bottle packaging, including Estal, Saverglass, and VetriSpeciali, offering every glass color on the market, as well as specialty shapes and customization.

 “We are determined to continue to address our customers’ needs and to lead the industry in finding unique, and sustainable, resources to meet those needs,” Harrop says. “The inspiring Vinolok glass closure is just the latest example.”  She adds that bottle and Vinolok samples and quotes are available on request.


Global Package ( is located in Napa Valley; it has an experienced team for creating the best bottles sourced from worldwide factories. It also provides custom shippers, glass decoration, pewter labels, and closures for the wine, spirits, and food industries. When it comes to providing custom and specialty bottles and packaging, the firm leads the way in finding solutions to provide a comprehensive and attractive outcome that sets a brand apart. Contact: 2793 Napa Valley Corporate Drive, Napa, CA 94558, and 707-224-5670.