Global Package Exhibits Internationally Award-Winning Designs in Booth 40 at the W&V Pack Show August 08, 2018

Erica Harrop, CEO and founder of Global Package LLC, announced that the company will be exhibiting award-winning new designs, the “Sommelier ring” and the “Doble Alto® custom base” at the upcoming Wines & Vines Packaging Conference to be held Thursday, August 9th at the Yountville, CA Lincoln Theater, 100 California Drive.

On display, as well, at this one-day event will be Global Package’s signature line of Elegant Light® bottles, which are lighter and come in all traditional shapes and styles. The company will also be showcasing several of its newest offerings, including the Sommelier Mouth Bottle, which features a continuous straight (and thicker) neck, typical of premium and luxury brands, as well as a specially designed mouth, which results in a cleaner pour.

There will also be samples of the new Estal DobleAlto® patented bottle, featuring a podium-like base and an increased bottle height, both of which enhance brand presence. Importantly, neither of these innovations adds to the amount of glass used in manufacturing.

Customization options will also be on display, including examples of screen printing, coating, and on the DobleAlto® rosette fluting and a magnifying glass effect. Other decorative techniques, including pewter labels, will also be shown.

            Global Package specialists will be on hand to answer any questions. For more information, contact or 707-224-5670. Global Package ( is located at 2793 Napa Valley Corporate Drive, Napa, CA 94558