Global Package Displays Pewter Labels at Upcoming Shows November 29, 2016

Global Package is celebrating its 10th anniversary partnership with pewter label maker, Etiq’Etains. The French manufacturer is known worldwide for innovative and beautiful tin, pewter, labels. At upcoming shows—WIN Expo on 12/1/16 (Booth #230) and the Unified Show on January 25 & 26 (Booth #505)—Global Package will be showcasing examples of these unique labels for producers, marketers, and designers. 

    pewter labels assort      "These adhesive labels are supple and easily applied to any surface, including glass, ceramic, even wood and cardboard,” says founder and CEO of Global Package, Erica Harrop. “They are lead-free and come in a range of styles and colors to help products stand out on the shelf. It is a quick way to customize a bottle or package with lower costs and smaller runs.” 

          According to a Jim Gordon of Wines and Vines,knowing your market and tailoringlabel design to that market is essential in today’s crowded market: “Driven by increased sales and consumption, and fueled by the proliferation of wineries and brands across the continent, growth of the market means that packaging wines for instant shelf-appeal is vital.”

          The pewter label models and stamped casts are all developed in-house at the Etiq’Etains workshop, including a roller label production line for which the company was E pewter necker and capawarded the “dynamic handcraft prize” from the Chamber of Trade and the Populaire Bank. The company offers a huge quantity of different cutting shapes in many metallic colors.

          “We invite everyone to visit our booths at the shows to see the incredible variety of styles, shapes, and colors of these tin and pewter labels,” adds Harrop. “From patterns in full labels to neck wraps and cork tops, you’ll find a label that speaks to your market and positions you above the fray.”

For a preview of what will be on display, visit: or contact 707-224-5670 or for more information.


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