Global Package Client Tenshen’s Rosé Wins Gold July 11, 2018

Global Package LLC is proud to announce the Gold Medal win in label and packaging for its customer, Guarachi Wine Partners’ 2016 Tenshen Rosé, at last month’s Central Coast Packaging and Design Competition. The bottle is from Global Package, and the package was designed by Oakland’s Cult Design.

            Under the umbrella of Guarachi Wine Partners, which is a well-established marketer and innovator of fine wine for 33 years, Tenshen and Guarachi Family Wines have both recently received numerous awards and mentions. The 2016 Tenshen White was awarded 92 pts by Tasting Panel Magazine, and the Tenshen 2016 red blend “Santa Barbara County” was named one of the best Out of the Ordinary for Father’s Day wines by the Arizona Daily Sun. The Guarachi Family Wines also was featured this year on CBS Los Angeles’ Father’s Day Gift Guide. Both brands are current Global Package clients.

            According to Global Package founder and CEO, Erica Harrop, “The Tenshen Rosé was sourced from Europe to fit the high quality look the customer requested. By considering a spirit bottle for the solution we found a great match. We are happy to be providing top tier glass for all Guarachi Family Wines, an important contribution to the winemaking and wine packaging honors they are reaping.”

            According to its website, the Guarachi Wine Partners story is an inspirational one: “In 1985, founder Alex Guarachi came to the United States from Chile on a soccer scholarship.  When an injury shattered his athletic dreams, he went back to his roots for inspiration on what to do next. While living in the backyard of Napa Valley and Sonoma County—where South American wines had been unknown—Alex saw an opportunity to educate the American consumer on the great wines from his native country.”

            Today, Guarachi Wine Partners represents 16 brands across six countries as we continue forging the next chapter in our fine wine history. The company has built a reputation as the Pioneer of South American Wines. Tenshen, one of the brands represented by Guarachi Wine Partners, currently produces a red, white, and rosé, which is known to feature “a phenomenal structure and texture with a clean, fruity finish.”

      Global Package ( is located at 2793 Napa Valley Corporate Drive, Napa, CA 94558, and can be contacted at or 707-224-5670.