Glass Weight is Just One Factor Driving Successful Packaging August 28, 2020

By Erica Harrop

I read with interest the Packaging Survey Report in the latest issue of Wine Business Monthly, and would like to add my thoughts on the topic. My first point is an obvious one: there are many factors, not just glass weight, that influence a consumer’s decision to purchase a wine. While heavier bottles do confer a ‘luxury’ aspect to a wine, they aren’t the most important determination for a buyer. The reputation of the brand, the label’s ability to compellingly tell the brand’s story, and, critically, the strength of the overall bottle’s design to complement every aspect of the brand’s packaging are significant influencers.

            Global Package is particularly skilled at bringing all these aspects together into a cohesive packaging composition. Our years-long partnership with our glass suppliers has resulted in many innovative designs that have boosted client sales: The Sommelier bottle that features an aDoble Altonti-drip barrier and a ‘sommelier’ groove, which facilities a clean, straight cut of the capsule. The DobleAlto® model that features a double ‘podium’ base, which increases the presence and perceived value of the wine. And the new award-winning Wild Glass line of bottles, which are not only sustainable and 100% PCR, but each bottle is unique, like a work of art.Wild Glass

      Bottle decoration also plays an important role in buyer appeal. Our nearly 15-year partnership with Etiq’Etains allows us to offer clients a full range of pewter labels in three distinct categories—Natural (silver), Luxury (gold, bronze, copper), and Modern (many colors, including blue, red, yellow, green, brown, black). Each brings its own attributes to amplify a wine’s brand.

      Yes, glass weight does help define quality but it is far from the only contributing factor. Design aspects, especially those on heavier bottles, are equally important. We also know that new glass designs are continually being developed and research shows that early adopters of new design concepts are doing better than those not adapting to change. Our continued work with these and other innovative suppliers assures our and our clients’ future success.

      Sustainability is increasingly gaining traction with wine buyers, so wineries are also well advised to consider that trend in packaging decisions. Our recent case study on Acquiesce Winery detailed this winery’s focus on reducing its carbon footprint, choosing lighter weight bottles that saved the winery approximately 12,600 pounds per year in glass, or four ounces per bottle. It also selected shipping cartons that are 100% recyclable paper and pulp. As mentioned above, Estal’s Wild Glass collection of bottles can also be a good solution for wineries seeking more ecological-friendly packaging.

      Finally, Chinese glass has proven to be an integral part of the industry, providing affordable and very good, consistent quality that has helped our industry when domestic and European supply shortages occur. Our long-term relationships with Chinese glass suppliers have provided our clients with outstanding options, such as our Elegant Light ™ line of European-style bottle shapes at affordable pricing and featuring a wide neck that defines higher-end wines along with elegant straight lines.

 So, Global Package has it all …affordable stock bottles in standard shapes and colors, domestic and European glass, and custom molds for one-of-a-kind bottles for the premium wine market. We welcome your inquiries and invite you to visit our Napa showroom. We remain open during Covid-19, adhering to strict protocols.

Erica Harrop is Founder and CEO of Global Package LLC (, which is located in Napa Valley. The company has a long history serving the wine and spirits industry, with an experienced team for creating the best packaging sourced from worldwide factories. It also provides custom shippers, glass decoration, pewter labels, and closures for the wine, spirits, and food industries. The firm leads the way in finding solutions to provide a comprehensive and attractive outcome that sets a brand apart. Contact: 2793 Napa Valley Corporate Drive, Napa, CA 94558, and 707-224-5670.