Detroit Takes “World’s Best Vodka” Prize from Russia January 10, 2017

Erica Harrop, CEO of Global Package LLC, was overjoyed to see that Detroit’s Valentine Distilling Co—a Global Package client—won the World’s Best Vodka award at London’s’s World’s Best Spirits 2016 last March. To celebrate the award, Valentine created a spirits advertisement, using all-local talent and showing Lenin's reaction …it's a must see.

“Poor Lenin,” cajoles Harrop. “It must have been quite a shock to lose this top vodka honor to an American company. Of course, we are thrilled for our client!”

 In making the commercial, the hunt for a ‘dead Lenin lookalike’ took weeks, until Jeremy Verdusco, who lives in Detroit and is a fan of Valentine Vodka, was spotted riding his bike down Stewart’s street. Rifino hired writer Jon Stewart of Huntington Woods, art director Bill Whitney of Oxford, director. All post-production was completed in Detroit.  Stewart made Verdusco the awkward proposition: “You look like dead Lenin, how would you like to play him in a commercial for Valentine Vodka?” Verdusco ended up spending 10 hours in preparation for his day on the shoot, applying facial prosthetics and makeup. “It was a long day,” he says, “but worth it for a product I believe in.”

 Rifino Valentine, Founder and President of Valentine Distilling Co, added: “Valentine is well known for its dedication to making quality products using American craftsmanship. We wanted to show the world that Detroit arts and manufacturing is alive and well.” 

“I was really happy to learn about Valentine’s award,” says Harrop. “And even more fun to view their first-ever commercial …it’s a witty masterpiece!”  

To view the commercial, click here: And here’s a link to a mini-documentary about Valentine Distilling:

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