Adam Lee and Global Package Team Up on the Launch of Clarice Wine Company’s New Pinot Noirs February 06, 2019

Clarice Wine Company’s Adam Lee recently shared his views on working with Global Package’s Erica Harrop last year on the packaging of his high-scoring 2017 Clarice Garys’ Vineyard and 2017 Clarice Rosella’s Vineyard Pinot Noirs. Here’s an excerpt:

      “I began working with wine in Texas in 1989 and, after meeting my wife Dianna Novy there, we moved to Sonoma and started a family and Siduri Wines, which became known as one of California’s premier Pinot Noir producers, growing from 107 cases in 1994 to 25,000 cases in 2015. When we sold Siduri to Jackson Family Winery, I had the opportunity to try something new, to ‘reinvent’ myself, my winemaking, and how wine is sold. The result is Clarice Wine Company.

      Clarice, which is named after my beloved grandmother, is a wine, a wine company, and a wine community, which allows members to share opinions, travel stories, and to have exclusive access to industry leaders in a private, intimate, educational forum. Borrowing from my grandmother’s slow-cooking recipes, I pick all the grapes in a vineyard, regardless of ripeness or varied clones, and ferment them together, resulting in a rich and complex melding of flavors. Happily, I’ve received top scores from top critics, including between 93 and 96 points from Robert Parker.

      So I had these three new Pinots and now needed new packaging that reflected my new thinking. I knew generally the height and weight I wanted, so I contacted Erica, who presented several options and suggestions, including an etched cartouche to the bottle for added distinction. I initially thought the pricing and quantities required for a custom designed bottle would be prohibitive, but it turned out that the quantities required were quite reasonable and the pricing was really fair. It cost a bit more than a stock bottle, but given the bang for the buck, it was quite reasonable. With Erica’s help the finished product is both classy and classic.

      I was also pleased with how smoothly and quickly the whole process went; from preorder to delivery it was only around six months. I’ll give a shout-out to Halsey Bottling in Napa, too, whose bottling line flawlessly applied both the main and upper labels in precise relation to the cartouche.

      Some have been surprised by my choice of a screw cap on the package …it was not to save money. My many years in the industry as a Pinotphile have convinced me that screw tops are the best closure; they allow the right amount of oxygen in without TCA contamination.”

            Harrop, for her part, notes that working with Lee was a pleasure. “It’s always a treat to have a client who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to test new waters,” she says. “Adam’s deep knowledge of not only Pinots, but also the intricacies of branding and marketing made this a fun project. Like his wine, it’s a formidable combination.”

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