A Personal Message from Global Package’s Erica Harrop September 30, 2020

I have been in the Napa wine industry for many years, beginning with my first job in 1984 in Carneros, working forimage Jack Davies at his brand new distillery. In 1987 I took my first job on the glass side of the industry, at Demptos Glass (see attached photo). Anyone who has been to Napa/Sonoma knows that this is one of the most beautiful places in the world …I have been so very lucky to live here!

      I woke up on Monday morning to the heart-breaking news about the Glass fire and all the damage it was inflicting on our beloved wineries, in both Napa and Sonoma counties. We now are finding out that many of the people who work in our industry will be professionally and personally affected for a long time to come. Dream jobs have gone up in flames, aspirations have evaporated, and extraordinarily beautiful and iconic properties have been destroyed.

      I want to express my deepest sorrow for my friends at Castello Di Amorosa and Chateau Boswell for their losses. I am so hoping there will not be more sadness to follow.

Photo by Noah Berger

When so many classic wineries are gone it affects all of us, all of those businesses and jobs that are still standing. Along with many in our region, I know that losing Meadowood Resort is a huge, devastating loss. Many winemakers have been fortunate to be a part of WineTech, a group founded back in the ‘70s. We have all been fortunate to enjoy the generosity of Meadowood and its leaders, who have allowed us to sit at their table and be part of their amazing world. Thank you, Meadowood, for all you have given us through the years. Please know that we all will be there with you as we begin to rebuild this beautiful valley!